Fresh Lime Aroma Oil - 500ml

Fresh Lime Aroma Oil - 500ml

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The scent profile of fresh lime is often described as bright, uplifting, and refreshing, making it a popular choice for a variety of products, including perfumes, candles, air fresheners, and cleaning agents. In perfumery, fresh lime fragrance is prized for its ability to add a lively and energizing top note to compositions, blending well with other citrus notes like lemon and bergamot, as well as herbal and floral accords

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1 Set Aroma Oil Fragrances (Fresh Lime) 500ml

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      • -The Asian Aura Fresh Lime Aroma Diffuser 500ml offers a delightful way to invigorate and refresh your living space.
      • Simply fill the diffuser with water and add a few drops of the Asian Aura Fresh Lime essential oil blend. Then, turn on the diffuser and let its ultrasonic technology disperse the aromatic mist throughout the room.


      • 19 x 7.5 cm

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