Glass Jar Candle with Flower (Pack of 3)

Glass Jar Candle with Flower (Pack of 3)

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As the candle burns, it releases the fragrant essence of ripe strawberries, delicate rose petals, and the crisp, rejuvenating scent of the ocean breeze, enveloping the space in a symphony of natural aromas. The accompanying flower pack adds a charming touch, featuring dried flowers that complement the candle's scent profile and enhance its visual appeal.

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Package content : 3 pc. Aromatherapy combines soothing scents of candles and natural fragrance of flowers for relaxation and stress relief during meditation, yoga, or quiet moments. It's perfect for gift-giving, providing beauty and practicality with glass jar candles and flower arrangements. These candles enhance ambiance for romantic dinners or cozy evenings, offering a sensory experience by stimulating multiple senses.


  • Pack of 3 sizes - 15x7cm

Burning Time

  • 24 hours

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